Help/FAQs:Fix missing leading zeros in excel worksheet

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Fix missing leading zeros in excel worksheet

Adding leading zero to mobile/landline numbers in an excel spread sheet.

If your spread sheet is missing the leading zero in the number, here is a quick way to fix it:

  1. Make the column (for example column B) that contains the numbers without the leading zero to be "text" or "general" format.
  2. Go to a cell at in the same row as the first number in the list but in an adjacent column (for example cell C2).
  3. In cell C2, enter this formula: =Concatenate(0,B2)
  4. Copy that formula down column C for the entire length of the list of number.

Column C should now contain the entire list with the leading zero added on at the beginning.

Remember: Do this step in the Excel workbook before you convert the file to CSV.