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WEL delivers SMS solutions for essential business processes. Remember...

Mobile messaging solutions increase productivity, drive revenue and retain customers. Small to large businesses or corporations can use the solutions to create and deliver highly successful SMS marketing communications and promotions programs that drive revenue, influence behavior and deepen customer relationships. Through 's SMS messaging service and powerful commercial applications, we help businesses achieve their objectives for its staff, operations, workflows and customers providing a unique and powerful interaction with your customers.

SMS 2 Way Broadcast Service allows you to send a broadcast to your Recipients and then lets them respond back to You! Responses come back to Your E-mail address (as individual responses) AND also collated in a "Response Summary Log" which you can view on-line at any time! Recipients can respond to your message (between 1 hour and 24 hours: selectable by You) after the start of your broadcast. An on-going History is of all Broadcasts and Responses (and who didn't respond) is available for you to view!"

SMS Long Way Broadcast Service gives you the room to really say what you mean!....up to 1071 Characters in just ONE Message!

Just contact for a free appraisal of how we can improve your business process as well as your bottom line.